Concept and Responsibility:
Fairness and sustainability are the premises of our actions as a company.

Fairness to us means a concept involving open and trusting interaction
with employees, customers and suppliers, a collaboration based on
partnership and fairness.

Sustainability to us means a triad comprising economical, social
and ecological sustainability.

Economical sustainability: Our company management is oriented
towards sustainability. The company should be developed sustainably
to ensure that it can be run on a permanent basis. The pursuit of eco-
nomic goals must not cause social and ecological objectives to be

Social sustainability: We have chosen the GmbH as the legal structure.
With our philosophy we pursue a cooperative approach. Our employees
can adequately influence the organisation of their work, commit them-
selves fully as a person, develop their abilities and thereby contribute
to added value.

Ecological sustainability: Clean room/clean air technology is quite energy
intensive. This starts with the production of the equipment and systems
and continues during ongoing operations. For this reason our equipment
and systems have been designed for a long service life with as little
energy consumption as possible; they can also be adapted to new
requirements if necessary. In this way, our business model promotes
efficiency and innovation.

In accordance with our concept of sustainability, we pursue an ex-
tensive quality policy that takes the various aspects of quality into
account. Apart from the quality of our products and services that are
measured based on specific customer requirements, our quality
system also takes aspects such as the regionality of suppliers and
service providers into account - not just at their own location but at
the location of our equipment and systems, too.

Price – Performance:
A flat hierarchy, a streamlined administration and short decision-
making paths ensure that customers' requirements of the RTA Rein-
raumtechnik Alb GmbH are implemented promptly and on-schedule
at an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Trochtelfingen - Steinhilben, March 2016,
Susanne Bräuer & Rolf Christner, Managing Directors